Vol. 7
Expert analysis     

Do you have a case where something failed and caused a loss, injury or death?

What types of cases am I referring to? Here are some sample cases for which I've provided expert analysis:

  • a blade departed a large lawn mower, fatally injuring a motorist
  • a part broke off a surgical tool, leaving a foreign object in the patient
  • the corrosion of a flatbed trailer contributed to the load departing the trailer and causing a serious injury
  • the wheel rim on a consumer cart failed, injuring the owner
  • helicopter landing gear designs were analyzed in defense of a patent
  • the failure of a piping header in a coal processing plant caused a major fire
  • a tube in a filtration system burst, causing substantial residential damage
  • the failure of a motorcycle axle caused a fatal injury
  • a link in a chain failed, causing a serious accident
  • a weld failed on a utility truck, causing the boom to fall onto a worker
  • a chemical dispenser system was alleged to leak and cause a slip and fall accident
  • the failure of a rear impact underride guard on a truck caused serious injury to a motorist
  • an oil field assembly failed, causing a fatal injury
  • the canopy on a coal mine shuttle car failed, causing a fatality
  • a storm sewer water pipe buckled, causing financial loss
  • the failure of a valve cover on a natural gas compressor caused a fatal fire
  • a derrick boom failed during the construction of a municipal water tank, causing a fatal injury
  • a cableway spanning a deep gorge collapsed, causing millions of dollars of damage
  • part of an excavator cab fell onto the operator, causing an injury
  • the bearings in a custom gate failed, causing financial loss
  • a welded joint in an oil pipeline was considered as a possible cause of failure
These and many other failures can be analyzed and the results presented clearly to the jury. Knowing why something failed is a tremendous courtroom advantage. As you can see by the list above, there is no such thing as a typical case.

If you're wondering if your case can benefit from these services, please give me a call at 262-375-2228 and let's chat about it, at no charge, of course. Or drop me an email at Roensch@FiniteElement.com.

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