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Representative Consulting Projects

Space Station Components
Wind Turbines
Aircraft Engine Pistons
Aircraft Engine Cylinders
Aircraft Engine Crankshafts
Airliner Components
Airliner Manufacturing Equipment
Marine Outboard Crankshafts
Marine Outboard Cowlings & Castings
Marine Inboard Manifolds
River Barge Equipment
Steel Bollard Barriers
Concrete Blast Walls
Industrial Robots
Robot Gantries
Oil Field Equipment
Fuel Plant Piping
Hydraulic Motors
Electric Motors
High-Speed Motor Winding Equipment
Boiler Components
Generator Enclosures
Automotive Radiators
Automotive Mirror Housings
Automotive Battery Housings
Automotive Steering Components
Automotive Drive Components
Automotive Seating
Crash & Rescue Vehicles
Recreational Vehicles

Commercial Trucks
Truck Racks
Grain & Semi Trailers
Motorcycle Components
Agricultural Vehicles
Earth Moving Equipment
Industrial Forklifts
Rough Terrain Forklifts
Rock Crusher Components
Transmission Housings
Transmission Gears
Chain Links
Man Lifts
Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Medical Beds and Lifts
Athletic Braces
Computer Disk Drive Components
HVAC Manifolds
Pneumatic Cartridges
Foundry Ovens
Food Processing Equipment
Cooking Platens
High-Precision Machining Equipment
Concrete Vibrators
Plumbing Products
Commercial Windows
Distiller Housings
Plastic Gears

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