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Roensch & Associates provides expert witness and engineering consulting services, focusing primarily on stress analysis using finite element analysis.

Roensch & Associates is proud to provide services that are
  • accurate,
  • relevant,
  • timely,
  • professional, and
  • reasonably priced.
By determining the stresses and displacements in a failed part and comparing them to industry standards, earlier designs and competitive designs, as an expert witness Steve Roensch can often identify the cause of failure, and hence the responsible party. If a loss, injury or death is due to something bending or breaking, Roensch & Associates can help explain the failure.

Roensch & Associates' engineering consulting services can greatly enhance the overall product quality by checking a design against deformation, stress, vibration or temperature specifications. Product cost may be able to be reduced significantly, especially if services are retained early in the design cycle, before tooling dollars have been committed. Material savings are often possible, and fewer testing prototypes are usually needed.

Steve Roensch performs the finite element analysis for consulting and litigation projects. Several associates provide skills in solid modeling and drafting. Roensch & Associates has developed a large and powerful network of experienced engineering professionals, from metallurgists to manufacturing engineers, that can be brought to bear on litigation and analysis projects as needed.

Roensch & Associates is located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Expert witness and engineering consulting services are available internationally.


After completing his Masters of Science in Engineering Mechanics in 1982, specializing in elasticity and stress analysis, Steve Roensch went to IBM Research & Development. There he applied the finite element method to the design of disk drives and worked on nonlinear queuing theory. He eventually moved to IBM Marketing to support finite element analysis customers in the Midwest. In 1988, he formed Roensch & Associates to provide engineering consulting services utilizing the power of the finite element method. In 1995, he performed analysis and testified in a case involving a boom failure, and since then has continued to work as an expert witness. Over the last decade, expert witness services have accounted for less than half of Roensch & Associates' revenues.

In addition to providing stress analysis consulting services, Mr. Roensch has taught finite element theory and practice to many customers, and has supported many customer software installations. Because the finite element method is so widely applicable, Mr. Roensch has analyzed literally hundreds of product designs across a wide array of industries. He has served as an expert witness on products from many industries, the common thread being the ability to analyze a product's behavior when subjected to real life conditions. The material does not know what part it is in; the laws of physics apply, and the methodologies used to analyze part of a space station apply equally to well piping or an aircraft engine.

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